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Welcome to the Gaviota Coast!

The Gaviota Coast is home to a rich history and a diversity of terrestrial and marine life. Located to the west of Santa Barbara, Gaviota State Park encompasses nearly 2,000 acres and is contiguous with Kashtayit State Marine Conservation Area. Kashtayit State Marine Conservation Area is located within the Santa Barbara Channel, which is one of the most biologically productive ecosystems on the planet. Nearby Refugio State Beach is home to an incredible array of aquatic life and a spectacular reef. This underwater park is a popular diving and recreation spot for countless visitors each year.

Join us along the Gaviota Coast to discover the importance of marine protected areas (MPA’s), to identify human impacts facing the Gaviota Coast, and to discuss how we can preserve this treasured stretch of coastline for the future.


Interested in booking an in-person field trip at Refugio State Beach? Click here to learn more!


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