What is PORTS?

PORTS stands for Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students. We bring your California State Parks into your classroom, digitally. Over 55 of parks in all corners of the state, we have the (free!) resources for you! Nature, Science, History, Culture. You name it, we got it.

Who is PORTS?

We currently have over 60 PORTS presenters working from 55 of your California State Parks. These awesome park experts are stoked to share their love for the park they are at with your students! In addition to providing availability for live On-Demand and PORTScast presentations, they also have created additional digital resources you can find with the PORTS finder to include in your curriculum.

Where is PORTS?

In your classroom! With just a few clicks, you can have a park expert join your classroom virtually at time that works best for you. Can’t squeeze us in live? Find us on YouTube, Wakelet, Padlet, Flip and right here on our website!


We recognize that not every student will be able to visit a California State Park. Geographical and economic barriers exist all around us, and it is our goal to increase access to as many future stewards as possible. We want to share all of our resources (all for free!) with California teachers to help break down barriers in exploring the outdoors, and foster a community of collaboration and student learning in California State Parks!

How do I use PORTS?

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