PassPORTS Blended-Access Field Trips

What is Blended Access?

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2. In-Person Experience

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Field-trip funding $$$


  • If you teach at a Title I Public School, you qualify for up to $1000 in reimbursements toward your field trip costs! 
  • Funding for the PassPORTS program is made possible through our partners, Parks CA and CUE.

Apply Today!

  1. Explore participating parks
  2. Submit a request (FULL for 23-24 school year)
    • Submit an interest form and provide details about your school, preferred park, and students
  3. Virtual consultation
    • Once your request is approved, a coordinator will reach out to schedule a brief 20 minute virtual consultation.



What is blended-access?

Blended-access combines both digital and in-person experiences to provide deeper sequential learning. In the context of the PassPORTS program, blended-access usually consists of a live virtual connection to the park prior to an in-person field trip, but could also include other digital pre- or post- field trip engagement tools such as videos, VR/AR, and Project Based Learning.

How do I qualify for funding?

Field trip funding is available to all Title I public schools. If your school is not a Title I public school, but has significant socioeconomic or institutional barriers, you are still encouraged to apply. Applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

How much does the PassPORTS grant cover?

The PassPORTS grant covers up to $1000 of field trip costs through our reimbursement process. The final grant amount is calculated based on the receipts and invoices received. If you are coordinating for large groups under the same grant (multiple classes, full grade levels, etc) the maximum amount may be increased.

What types of expenses can be reimbursed?

Reimbursement covers field trip related expenses including transportation, substitute teachers, program fees, administrative fees, field trip supplies and project materials. If you are unsure whether a certain expense can be reimbursed, the program coordinator can discuss this with you during your consultation.

How do I schedule my virtual and in-person programming?

When your request is approved, a program coordinator will contact you to schedule a brief 20 minute virtual consultation. During this consultation, the coordinator will help you schedule your virtual and in-person appointments and answer any questions about the funding process. Please note that virtual and in-person availability depends on the park.

What if my desired park is not listed under the participating PassPORTS parks list?

If you have a park in mind that is not currently participating in the PassPORTS program, please write it into the form. We will do our best to accommodate a custom program, depending on the capacity of the park staff. It is best to include at least one option from the PassPORTS participating park list as a backup.

Does PassPORTS provide transportation services?

No. PassPORTS funding provides reimbursements for transportation costs, but the school is responsible for arranging and paying for transportation.

Can more than one class participate?

Yes! Maximum student capacity varies per individual park sites, but multiple classes can be included in the same grant.

If I don’t need funding, can I still participate in a blended-access program?

Absolutely! Blended-access is an excellent way to connect multiple learning experiences. Even if you don’t need funding, you can still pair your in-person field trip with a virtual program to improve the experience for your students. Use the PORTSfinder to explore and customize your blended-access program, or schedule a consultation for recommendations from our program coordinator.

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