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Welcome to Carpinteria State Beach! We are home to several diverse environments that include tide pools, an estuary for resting birds, sand dunes, and natural tar seeps dating back to the last Ice Age.

We offer four exciting learning opportunities centered on tide pools, historic tar seeps, sharks, and coastal ecology:

Life in the Tide Pools – Let’s explore Carpinteria State Beach at low tide! During this guided virtual tour we will learn more about the animals found in the tide pools.

Unearth Carpinteria’s Tarpits – Join us as we discover active tar seeps found at Carpinteria State Beach as well as other geological features and how humans used these resources in the past.

Sharks – Fact or Fiction? – Students will identify facts from misconceptions about one of the ocean’s most interesting predator, sharks!

Explore Our Shore – Come take a walk with us as we explore the diverse organisms that inhabit our shore and the coastal environments that they depend on to survive.

We hope you can join us for a PORTS On-Demand program soon.


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Tide Pool Animals Padlet

Tide pools are home to a wide variety of life found no where else.

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Tar, Not Just a Nuisance!

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