Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park

Explore – Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park

The diversity of California, today, is rooted in the events Sutter’s Fort is connected to in the 1840s. Experience this historic landmark with two different virtual field trip opportunities!

Join us virtually as we dive into how Sutter’s Forts agricultural businesses in Mexican California, and the conflict and opportunities that came with them, contributed to the California we know today. We will discuss the hide and tallow trade, the process of turning wheat into flour, and how sailors contributed to the work done at the Fort. This program is geared to grades 3-5, but can be adapted to other grades with prior notice.

Join our interpreter, Jared, and see that, by looking at the significant events associated with the Fort, we can see how and why John Sutter and other European Americans came to California, why the Fort was built, what jobs made the Fort operational, why the Fort was abandoned in 1850, and the impact the Fort had on the Indigenous population of the Sacramento Valley.

Let’s learn about how the diversity and complexity of Sutter’s Fort has left a lasting impact on how and why we study the past. This program is geared towards 4th and 5th grades but all participants are welcome.


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Sutter’s Fort In-Person Field Trip!

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Explore Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park!

Join California State Parks Interpreter Jared at Sutter’s Fort Historic Park to discover 1840’s life in California!