Introducing PORTScasts

introducing PORTScasts

We are starting out our 2022-2023 school year with something new…. and familiar! Home Learning Programs are officially being rebranded as PORTScasts. The same game, just with a new name!

In March of 2020, PORTS quickly pivoted our classic PORTS programs to be held on Zoom webinars, where any teacher and any student could connect with parks from home. While most schools and students have returned to the classroom and are taking full advantage of our 1 on 1 PORTS programs, the demand is still there for these multi-classroom, public broadcasts. From now on, these broadcasts will be known as PORTScasts. To sign up for a PORTScast visit our registration page here.

Scott ShepherdPosted: August 1st, 2022
By Lydia Stinson
PORTS Program Coordinator