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Interactive Learning

Teacher Quotes:

  "I'd like to point out the tremendous opportunity the PORTS Program provides to meet the (Common Core) Speaking and Listening Standards.  Preparing the students to ask "meaty" questions of the ranger was a core element of achieving the best results possible.  The online resources were a significant help in giving my students enough background information to spark a firestorm of new ideas and relevant questions. Ranger Phil was outstanding in his presentation.  He seamlessly provided artifacts and connections to every child's question.  It was as if we had rehearsed the event together.  As we do follow up activities in class, we will be meeting even more Speaking and Listening standards. I can't wait to do this again!"

Catherine P. -
Carroll Elementary

A Gift From the People to the People




PORTS is a free distance learning program that uses the power of interactive videoconferencing to help K-12 schools teach common core state standards in the context of California State Parks.

PORTS Programs include:

Fully developed units of study to prepare and assess learning.
 Live, interactive videoconference presentations on science, history, language arts and other academic topics.

PORTS bridges the socio-economic gap in California's educational system by providing meaningful interactions - regardless of race, economic status or location.

Numbers of students served by PORTS since 2005.

In 2014/2015 PORTS reached nearly 48,000 K-12 students in the state of California. The majority of programs reached students in schools federally classified as low-income. PORTS programs reached students outside of California in 20 different states as well as students in Taiwan. Read more about how PORTS is connecting students to California State Parks in our 2014-2015 Annual Report.

FEATURED PORTS PROGRAM: North Coast Redwoods Salmon Lifecycle and Redwood Ecology

The North Coast Redwoods state parks, famous for the world's tallest trees and an incredible variety of wildlife, is often unvisited by many Californians. Come explore this unique region with one of our two terrific programs: Redwoods Ecology and Salmon Lifecycle.  We look forward to sharing our natural wonders and conservation efforts with you soon!

Check out this video for more information: