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Project Based Learning & California Marine Protected Areas




Project Based-Learning (PBLs) 


Developed in partnership with the Department of Fish & Wildlife and Google Certified Innovator, Jo-Ann Fox; the Project-Based Learning units below cover four different regions of the California coastline from Crystal Cove in Orange County to Pyramid Point north of Eureka California. Through the resources below, students will learn about Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) will actively participate with California State Park professionals in the field to problem solve in advocacy projects in California State Parks. All PBL Units of Study were developed to meet Next Generation Science Standards.


CRYSTAL COVE UNIT -Saving the Intertidal Zone


 PYRAMID POINT UNIT - The Story of the Coho Salmon


POINT LOBOS UNIT - Caring for the Kelp


ANO NUEVO UNIT - Protecting the Food Web of the Elephant Seals




California Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

PORTS has teamed-up with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to teach students about California’s marine protected areas (MPAs).

MPA information is included in five units of study:

The Salmon Lifecycle

Elephant Seals

Kelp Forests

Tide Pool Ecology

Science of Habitat Restoration and Protection

In addition to live videoconferences, students can also dive into MPAs through this innovative PORTS curriculum: MPA Curriculum

Students will learn about individual MPAs, as well as the entire California MPA Network.

They will discover that California MPAs:

  • Are like underwater parks
  • Are one of the largest MPA networks in the world
  • Harbor incredible wildlife
  • Protect California’s marine environment for this and future generations