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Lesson 1: Invasive Species


As humans continue to explore our world and learn more about its cultural resources, they sometimes unintentionally damage it. Invasive species take over habitats because they can utilize resources not typically available to them, and because they are not threatened by their normal predators. Humans can help prevent the transportation of invasive species by following a few protocols.


 Students will demonstrate how invasive species prosper in areas without natural predators.

 Students will describe how invasive species can negatively affect a food web.

 Students will outline ways to prevent the transportation of invasive species.


habitat, invasive species, vector, food web


Lesson 1 PDF*
Set of objects with two colors (checkers, playing cards, etc.)
Image of a food web
News Video

*This is located in the Resources section on the right side of your screen.

Time Required

20-30 minutes


This is a 5E lesson plan. Follow the directions in the Lesson 1 PDF.