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Lesson 1: Interview an Artifact

Upon completing the lesson students will be able to:

  • Interact with photos, maps, and poems from the United States Immigration Station
  • Ask questions and develop the skill of inquiry
  • Introduce the concept of immigration

Time Required:

One class period

Materials Required
"Immigrants Everywhere" Poem for Close Reading
Angel Island Map
Poems, maps, historical photos (PPT)
Interview an Artifact Worksheet
I am an Immigrant Profiles
PowerPoint looping slideshow
LCD Projector
Computer/Tablet for PowerPoint

  1. Choral Read the “Immigrants Everywhere” Poem.
  2. Learning Partners identify one message understood from the poem. The teacher prompts with Close Reading Questions.
  3. Pass out the photos/items (found in the PowerPoint) and the Interview An Artifact Worksheet and display the map of Angel Island.
  4. Show the looping PowerPoint slideshow of the photos/items while the partners are working.
  5. Students share out what they noted; chart what is shared on chart paper, under a document camera, or on Big Notes App (works with iPad or Android).
  6. Introduce Angel Island with the map and a synopsis about the state park; share the ending lesson, of what it is, about the videoconference with the State Park Interpreter.
  7. Read the “I Am An Immigrant” profiles.
  8. Post the essential questions and discuss what they know about these questions; chart responses.
  9. Give one of the assessments listed below.

Students respond to the prompt, "Primary and secondary documents provide relevant and historically accurate information. Yes. No. Why?"

Students answer Essential Question #1, "Who is an immigrant?"