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Videoconference Lesson-Real Time Observations

Video Conference Lesson

Upon completing the lesson students will be able to:

  • Interact with a content expert via a videoconference with a State Park Interpreter at Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook.
  • Observe weather conditions at Baldwin Hills through images, video clips and by looking at real-time data.
  • Analyze climate change and how it’s affecting our daily lives.
  • Explore the role California State Parks plays in collecting data and preserving places that may help curb the effects of climate change.
Time Required
45 minute class period

Materials Required
Videoconference setup

Student Preparation and Protocol for videoconference
1. Depending on technical arrangements, students will meet in a videoconferencing room, or a classroom with videoconference equipment.

2. Students should bring questions to the conference pertaining to weather, weather monitoring techniques and equipment, or climate change, and should be prepared to ask the questions during the interactive session.

3. Let students know that they should listen carefully to the introductory session by the State Park Interpreter to see 1) if they can come up with new questions they haven't thought of before, or 2) if the questions they prepared get answered during the session.

4. The teacher or moderator should be prepared to call on students who have questions or comments. Initially students may be reluctant to interact with the State Park Interpreter and voice their questions or comments. To encourage students to participate you might have them tell their question to the moderator and then have the moderator repeat their question into the microphone.