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Lesson One-Exploring Weather

Lesson One Image


Students will be able to:

  • differentiate between climate and weather.
  • understand that plants and wildlife have adaptations that help them survive in different climates and explain how these adaptations help them survive.
  • use / manipulate data to better understand climate and weather.
  • explore California State Parks as places to watch weather and wildlife.

Time Required

45-50 minutes

Materials needed:
Detailed Lesson Plan
Graphing Activity
Climate Crossword
Weather Wordsearch


1. Instructor establishes daily procedure for assessment, note taking, instruction, and learning. Students and instructor have materials ready.

2. Instructor launches the PowerPoint Lesson. Entire lesson can and should be conducted with instructor interacting with the class and the PowerPoint presentation eliciting responses from students and guiding them as the lesson progresses.

PLEASE NOTE:  Because the presentation is loaded with high quality graphics the PowerPoint File may take several minutes to download.

3. Instructor can also download and/or print Detailed Lesson Plan which includes an outline of the PowerPoint Presentation.

4. Download and have ready the Graphing Activity. The Graphing Activity will be completed in the middle of the PowerPoint.


Download for your students these files for activities that recall key vocabulary and concepts from the lesson:

Climate Crossword

Weather Wordsearch