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Lesson Four - Videoconference

Classroom Videoconference

During the videoconference, a State Park Interpreter will analyze with your students a selection of architecture and artifacts from the Hearst Castle collection and explore the stories that inspired the creation of these pieces. Students will be encouraged to interact with the interpreter and draw connections between the stories of these ancient symbols and modern life.

Students will:
1. Videoconference with a State Park Interpreter from Hearst Castle.
2. Analyze an art object and interpret the meaning of the work.
3. Draw comparisons between ancient and contemporary traditions and symbols.
4. Articulate the reason for preserving Hearst Castle as a State Historic Monument for future generations.

Time Required
One 45 to 60 minute class period

Materials Required
Videoconference setup preconfigured and tested from the school.

1. At least two weeks prior to the videoconference, the State Park Interpreter and the teacher should begin communicating about content of videoconference.

2. Prior to the videoconference, prepare your students using the provided Unit of Study lessons, or classroom curriculum. Students might be encouraged to bring questions to the videoconference.

3. At least a week prior to the videoconference, obtain the standards-based videoconference equipment. Be sure to coordinate with your district technology support. Conduct a test connection (see technology page on website for more details

Day of the Videoconference:
Discuss with the distance learning presenter the roles and responsibilities of both you, the teacher, and the students themselves. This will best assure a valuable educational experience.