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We have instituted a new way for classrooms to connect with us thanks to the K-12 High Speed Network. This year we are “just a click away” thanks to a web-based videoconference system called Vidyo. Teachers can now easily connect from a videoconference machine, computer with attached camera, or tablet device (except Chromebooks, but coming soon).

Connecting using a computer or tablet device
Basically, if a teacher has a microphone and camera-enabled tablet, laptop, or desktop with external speakers that can be projected onto a screen they should be able to participate in the program simply by clicking on a provided URL. 

To test from your school environment, click here. You may be prompted to download the Vidyo app/plugin. Once the download is complete close the browser/app and re-click on the test link. Enter the passcode 12345. If you can see a video then your district is capable of videoconferencing with a PORTS site. Each PORTS site has a specific Vidyo URL.

Connect using a videoconference machine
Teachers can still participate using a videoconference machine. All PORTS Distance Learning programs can be accessed by a single IP address ( Once connected teachers will be prompted to enter in a room extension. Each PORTS site has a unique room extension which is its ten digit CalREN number. Alternately, instead of the IP address, the CalREN number may be used to connect directly if your school is connected to a gatekeeper or SIP.

Please be sure to conduct a test connection as soon as possible. To test, dial into the PORTS Vidyo Bridge at and access the PORTS Test room using the CalREN number 5901234567. The PIN number is 12345#. The test conference room is available 24/7. If you are connected properly you should hear and see the video “Vistas in Time and Space”.

Reference Documents

The PORTS team has developed a series of documents that will hopefully answer any questions you have regarding dialing into a bridge, troubleshooting issues, etc.

California State Parks PORTS Connection and Contact Information (PDF)
Looking for the Vidyo URL, IP address, CalREN number or contact information for a specific PORTS site? This document has them all.

Troubleshooting Tips (PDF)
A basic guide that addresses common questions of issues related to videoconferencing and using a bridge.