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Videoconference Lesson-Live from the Beach!

Live from the Beach

The videoconference lesson is not meant to replace the "real" thing, but they allow California State Parks the opportunity to introduce students, many of whom cannot realistically take a fieldtrip here, to California's vast marine resources.  At Crystal Cove State Park, videoconferencing also allows many more students to see and experience the tide pools without the possible negative impact that visitors can have on this fragile ecosystem.

By the end of the lesson students will be able to:

  • Understand that they are taking an active role in preservation by learning about tide pools and taking part in the videoconference.
  • Discuss how animals have adapted feeding strategies and defense mechanisms for living in a tide pool.
  • Define the purpose of Marine Protected Areas.

    Time Required
    One 45 to 60 minute class period

    Materials Required
    Videoconference setup (either a camera-enabled computer, tablet, or standards-based videoconference machine) tested from the school.
    Projector, TV, or SmartBoard

    1. At least two weeks prior to the videoconference, the State Park Interpreter and the teacher should begin communicating about content of videoconference.

    2. Prior to the videoconference, prepare your students using the provided Unit of Study lessons, or classroom curriculum. Students might be encouraged to bring questions to the videoconference.

    3. At least a week prior to the videoconference, conduct a test connection (see technology page on website for more details Be sure to coordinate with your district technology support.

    Day of the Videoconference:
    Discuss with the distance learning presenter the roles and responsibilities of both you, the teacher, and the students themselves. This will best assure a valuable educational experience.

    Extension Activity
    Tidepool Jeopardy - Test your students Tide Pool Jeopardy skills.