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Lesson One-Just what is a tide pool?

lesson one

By the end of this lesson students will be able to:

  • Describe the key elements of a tide pool.
  • Learn and demonstrate understanding of academic vocabulary in life science.
  • Colloborate and research how tides and life interact in tide pools.
  • Gather information and produce a variety of artifacts to show understanding and insight.
    Time Required
    50-90 minutes

    Let's Discover Tide Pools PowerPoint (PPTX file) (PowerPoint 97-2003 (PPT) file available)
    Tidepool Research Sheet
    Which State Park?

    Paperless Tips:
    Use a projector, mirroring or send links to GoogleDocs, or similar platform, on teacher/student devices.

    1. Use the Tide Pool Research sheet (paper or link) during the presentation.

    2. Present "Let's Discover Tide Pools" (PPTX file) or have students access the link and collaborate or work independently to complete research sheet.

    3. Links to maps and State Park tide pool information are on the last slide of the presentation.

    4. "Which State Park?" is an activity that has your students research which California State Park with tide pools is closest to your school.

    Reinforce the learning of academic vocabulary about tide pool habitats.