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Lesson Three: The Law-Making Process

Upon completing the lesson, students will be able to:

  • present and articulate the process legislation makes to make a law
  • develop questions to better understand a "potential law"
  • understand the role and procedures for the videoconference
Length of Time 
One 50-minute class period

Materials Needed
Notes and materials from the previous lesson

1. Ask students to review with a learning partner what they have learned concerning the piece of legislation that they chose to follow in Lesson Two.

2. Have the students write the name of their chosen legislation (AB or SB + number) along with a 1-3 sentence summary of their bill on the back of  their copy of  The Legislative Process handout.

3. Have them prepare three written questions that they would like to ask their representatives concerning that legislation. Have the students also write down any other questions they may wish to ask their representatives.

4. Have each student or group of students address the class and introduce their bill, and show where it currently is in the stages of its lifecycle. Also, have them share what questions they have formulated for their representative. The students will be writing a letter to the representative after the video conference.

5. Discuss the upcoming videoconference and brainstorm what questions the class could ask to be better prepared for learning about the process of a law and the people who write these laws.

6. As a class, discuss the logistics of the upcoming video conference with your State Park Interpreter. Performing a practice videoconference with yourselves may help prepare the students for the conversation with the Interpreter. Some of the topics you will want to address during this class discussion will be:
  • Which students will ask the questions
  • In what order will the students appear
  • Where the students will be when asking the questions
  • Where your camera (either on a computer or tablet, or a videoconference machine) will be located
  • Where the microphone is located

Students will know the roles for the conference and students will have questions prepared for the State Park Interpreter.

Extended Activity
Following the videoconference, possibly for homework, students will write a letter to their representative about the legislation they researched and what they learned about the legislative process.